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Botswana is hot and dry for most of the year, with temperatures that can reach 44°C in the summer months. Summer also brings rain though, a welcome delude from the heat. If you travel in this period, bring your rain coat and something long-sleeved, also to protect you from mosquitoes.

Winter months are still pleasantly warm during the day, with deep blue skies. At night the temperature easily falls to freezing point. Time for duvets, long pants and a warm sweater!



Botswana's roads are generally in very good condition. Beware of potholes during and after the rains!

Maximum speed is 120 kms per hour but most villages on the way have speed limits of 60 or 80 km/h. Keep to the limits as speed checks are frequent!

A 4WD is necessary to enter the National Parks and Wildlife Conservation Areas. In some remote areas driving with a single vehicle is not allowed.

Watch out for animals on the road (wildlife and domestic), and for the same reason avoid driving after dark. Especially beware of donkeys and horses as they do their own thing even when vehicles approach at speed.


Malaria, including cerebral malaria, is common in northern Botswana (in the Okavango and Chobe areas), particularly during and immediately following the rainy season, from November to April.

As the strains of malaria, and the drugs used to combat them, frequently change, and as certain strains can become drug resistant, it is best to seek medical advice before your departure and take any medication prescribed. Pregnant women and very young children are not advised to travel to malarial areas.

Protecting yourself by covering legs, feet and arms, sleep under mosquito netting and using coils or a mosquito repellent, will already reduce the risk enormously.

If you suspect you have malaria, visit the nearest clinic and have yourself tested.

For our self-drive guests visiting remote areas, we advise to buy malaria test kits and medication before your trip. These are available at most pharmacies in Botswana.